Understanding the Spirit of Time and Interdisciplinary Perspective in the Interpretation of Ḥadīth



Throughout history, Muslim scholars have strived to understand the true meaning
of the Prophet’s (pbuh) aḥadīth and interpret them according to the changing conditions
of the time. Sciences of Ḥadīth emerged specifically to meet two objectives; first, to
distinguish authentic aḥadīth from fabricated ones via the chains of report and texts
criticism and second, to elaborate it further in order to meet any new conditions or changes
introduced into life with the passage of time. Sciences of Ḥadīth and its sub-disciplines are
open to further development. The evolving structure of the Sciences of Ḥadīth from
its succinct form to its current elaborate structure is clear evident of its dynamic and
progressive character. In this study, the researcher focuses on additional critical points in
the pursuit of gaining a better understanding of aḥadīth, such as comprehending the spirit
of the time and adopting an interdisciplinary perceptive.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Interpretation; Ḥadīth Texts; Spirit of Time; Interdisciplinary Perspective

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